Treatment of solid tumors by siRNA nanocarriers

Medical need: We here focus on solid tumor entities such as non-small cell lung carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma and pancreatic carcinoma representing millions of cases and casualties per year. We have developed a nanocarrier against the important cancer-causing factor KRAS for EGFR-positive tumor diseases, which, by means of its anti-EGFR - antibody equipment is taken up specifically via the EGF receptor in these tumor cells and thus causes growth inhibition and apoptosis via KRAS inhibition.

We established a nanocarrier BBB-003 made of and EGFR antibody capable of detecting and entering solid tumor cells expressing this surface antigen.
As a result, the nanocarriers formed by EGFR-antibodies, along with the protamine and the siRNAs against the KRAS oncogene bind to the tumor cells and are internalized inside the cell, the siRNAs can then prevent the translation of the KRAS oncoprotein and thus deprive the solid tumor cells of the basis for their uninhibited growth.